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Cruelty Free Make Up Brands of 2017

Many cosmetics brands are becoming crueltyfree, and some of them are MAJOR ones that you surely know, buy and use already, but there are thousands of companies that still live in the dark and continue to poison and kill helpless animals in order to sell us their products.

I know it’s difficult to make everybody think like one does, but at least we can teach why we have changed our way of living and maybe it will shine a light.

If you are not sure about your cosmetics being cruelty free or not, here I give you a small printable list of 100 brands that you can choose from… but actually more than 1,700 brands are in Peta’s cruelty-free company database for cosmetics personal-care products and much more.

We can help Stop Cosmetics Tests on Animals if we make tiny changes on our choices. You won’t even notice a difference and actually I think you’ll be surprised about how amazing these products are.



12 Beauty Brands That You Thought Were Cruelty-Free but Aren’t!

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