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Positive Thinking UPGRADE

The power of POSITIVE THINKING is not just in your thoughts or phrases to repeat over and over again but is the Attitude you have towards your daily life.

Is natural to experience a variety of feelings, including less pleasant ones like sadness, disappointment or guilt and those negative emotions can be extremely toxic for you, and I know it sounds really difficult to achieve this positivity because with all the stress we get during a bad day at work, a difficult week or health issues etc., life can get really negative, but Positive Thinking DOES let you live and lead a happier life.

TIPS for re-framing your THINKING

  • First you need to acknowledge what is bothering you and channel that energy into something positive to find solutions.
  • Accepting your thoughts with statements like “ It’s okay for me to be upset” could help you release negative emotions, feel better and put you back on tracking solving problem techniques. But keep in mind that most of our negative thoughts have no purpose at all besides keeping us stuck.

Ask yourself some questions like:

  • Have I been in a similar situation before? (If you have you could find some answers there)
  • Am I willing to do what it takes to change this?
  • What if (the worse) happens?

This kind of questions help the brain activate and power up the problem solving areas letting creativity to kick in.

You are NOT PERFECT! You are a Work in Progress

  • Consider who you are becoming, focus on the path you are on to progress.

Positive growth is achievable, being mindful about your efforts acknowledges the fact that you are evolving and can create a better version of yourself.

The BEST Project You’ll Ever Work On Is YOU!

Apply some of these tips on to daily life and you’ll be able to see and live major changes in your mindset and productivity.

A positive person anticipates happiness, health, success and can overcome most obstacles or difficulties.

Remember: “The Best Way to Predict a Good Future is to Create It”

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