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Summer Cardio

July is almost gone and the heat of summer its begging you to refresh yourself with a nice cocktail and yummy treats! Hey, summer is fun, full of great sunset parties and delicious dinners among beautiful friends, but with all those amazing moments and tasty goods comes your belly! and that fluffy pouch right on your bellybutton piercing area is not looking good with your beach body tiny bathing suit! Right?

To gain some weight during warm holidays happens all the time due to a relaxed mind, alcoholic drinks and incredible food but if you want to keep your balance between your mind and body is best to exercise even thou you are feeling a bit lazy.

Keep in mind that to prevent or reduce fat from your waist a healthy daily nutrition is essential and definitely need to compliment with workouts.

This Cardio routine is great for Beginners as well.  For advance fit gals repeat the circuit 3 – 4 times.

If you are really not in the mood of working out try swimming, surfing or walking on the beach for at least 20 minutes every day. It will keep you extra fit 💪🏼

Save or Print out this workout and keep sun bathing and enjoying this unforgettable Summer!

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