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Cruelty Free Make Up Brands of 2017

Many cosmetics brands are becoming cruelty–free, and some of them are MAJOR ones that you surely know, buy and use already, but there are thousands of companies that still live in the dark and continue to poison and kill helpless animals in order to sell us their products. I know it’s difficult to make everybody think like one… Read More Cruelty Free Make Up Brands of 2017

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Berries for Health and Beauty

There is no secret about the incredible benefits that berries have for our body, from fighting cancer, reduce cholesterol levels, to helping prevent diabetes, and of course when it comes to beauty these lovelies got some real magic going on!  That is why many natural beauty companies are using these yummy fruits in their products… Read More Berries for Health and Beauty

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Top 5 Essential Oils For Skincare

Essential Oils are vital if you want a more natural lifestyle.  These oils have amazing benefits for the skin, they will help you obtain and maintain a beautiful, clear and flawless complexion. Do not worry about your skin type, Essential Oils are POWERFUL! and will help with many skin conditions.  I have to say that… Read More Top 5 Essential Oils For Skincare