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Sunday Workout

Start this beautiful Sunday eating clean and working out, your body will thank you and remember that nothing is impossible and you can achieve a great body if that’s your goal, this routine is simple yet effective! You don’t need any equipment besides a yoga mat a towel and yourself filled with motivation, determination and… Read More Sunday Workout

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Positive Thinking UPGRADE

The power of POSITIVE THINKING is not just in your thoughts or phrases to repeat over and over again but is the Attitude you have towards your daily life. Is natural to experience a variety of feelings, including less pleasant ones like sadness, disappointment or guilt and those negative emotions can be extremely toxic for you,… Read More Positive Thinking UPGRADE

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Anxiety? Mindfulness Meditation Will Help You

  Meditation benefits physical and mental health in many ways helping you to think better, feel happier, and live longer. Anxiety is a psychological condition that comes in many forms like panic attacks, anxiety attacks, phobia, social anxiety etc causing distress that interferes with your ability to lead a normal life and could cause serious mental illness.… Read More Anxiety? Mindfulness Meditation Will Help You