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Yoga for Beginners + Video

New To Yoga? What Is Yoga?

Yoga is primarily a spiritual discipline and essentially means “union”. It works with the energy in the body, through energy-control. Teaches how, through breath, to still the mind and achieve higher states of awareness directing the energy to harmonize human consciousness.

The body is a part of our human nature, and must be kept fit and that’s when Hatha yoga comes in.

Any of the many types of physical yoga can be described as Hatha from Ivengar to Ashtanga and everything that falls in between.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga

“The purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body”.

  • It increases your energy making you more efficient by helping you stay relaxed and focused, a morning yoga practice energises you by increasing your oxygen intake and stimulating blood flow across your whole body.
  • Yoga can also reduce insomnia
  • Increase Flexibility, muscle strength and tone
  • Improve respiration
  • Help in weight reduction
  • Protect from injury strengthening your joints, preventing and ameliorating the effects of osteoporosis and ageing.
  • Improve metabolism so you can eat more delicious, healthy food
  • Balance Hormones (specially the ones that make you cuckoo)
  • Yoga lubricates, lengthens, and strengthens your spine, leading to better posture, relief from back pain, and prevention of serious spinal injuries.
  • Yoga gives a strong boost to the immune system

And I could keep going on and on with an infinite list of goodness coming from this practice…

But better I will let you begin to treat your body and mind the best way, here is the Video:


This energising 30-minute Beginner’s Yoga Flow with Andrew Sealy on Alo Yoga  focuses on learning the foundational yoga poses, while building the strength and confidence to take your yoga practice deeper. Andrew Sealy will guide you through a sequence of poses, offering technical tips to engage your core and align breath with movement.

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